Alberta OIL – Does it have a future here in Canada…

Keystone XL is dead, Trans Mountain is Dead & U.S. is the biggest funded Canada Anti-Oil movement activist….It’s time we think selfishly and worry about ourselves.

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On September 18, 2015. Premier Brad Wall at the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association conference (CEPA) made a very profound statement that Canada should just provide energy for itself.  Why do we have several Billions of dollars from U.S. funded activist groups trying to shut Canada down from expanding it’s domain and stake on the world with oil? If you didn’t know Canada has the 3rd largest supply of oil in the world; yet we still purchase oil from Saudi Arabia.  Saudi oil is the sole factor of creating this economic down shift; and were responsible years ago for creating a huge increase to the economy surging inflation everywhere in the world.

Let’s not get started on NDP Premier “The Sherif of Nottingham” Notley (coined the wicked witch of the west)introducing a $3Billion carbon tax in 2017 for Alberta and now has over 100,000 Albertans out of work from the Energy sector alone.  oil  refWhy not build our own refineries in Alberta?  Mass produce our own Crude oil into “sweet oil”?   But I have done the research, and no one has built a refinery in Canada since 1986.  1976 was USA’s last built refinery.  There was a big push to either rebuild, extend or close down in the energy sector here in Canada in the ’90’s.  There no wondering why today we are sending hundreds of barrels a day or more using Canada rail to US refineries when they roughly outnumber Canada 7:1(148 US refineries to 19 in Canada) in refining operations. Canada years ago opted to piggy back off the US, and the Canadian Energy sector is trying to play catch up for lack of decision making years ago.  With so many Environmental groups and activists fully funded with Billions stowed away for RTF(ready to fight) campaigns to be launched at our efforts to grow our very own Canadian Energy economy; this is just 1 factor that poses a large up hill battle.

Refineries in Canada are doing what needs to be done in regards to upgrading, reducing waste, monitoring corrosion, and installing new technologies to produce larger quantities at reduced risks all across the country.   It’s taking these huge steps forward for our economy that will help make a difference.   Although the fall of the Brent Crude and Crude oil prices are trying to squeeze out any countries left in the market for production, it is definitely taking it’s toll on the Energy sector labourers & investors all around the world.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.03.08 AMSo, Why couldn’t we just build a new oil refinery in Alberta? Why can’t we just use our own Oil sands to monopoly and jump start our economy again?  The Keystone XL pipeline; a pipeline that was going to be pushed through the United States down to the south refineries has been cancelled. Next Canadian Energy tried the Trans Mountain Pipeline extension that would connect through British Columbia to the Asian Markets and that has now been put on hold or cancelled.  This is due to Aboriginals being funded, again by a U.S. funded environmentalists group(TIDE CANADA); to try and make a claim on a Forest territory to be deemed a Rain Forest with a exponentially larger mass than it originally has now.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.05.23 AMBut there maybe light at the end of the tunnel.  Canadian Energy is pushing to move now to the East coast with an Energy East pipeline to fund the Atlantic coast.  This pipeline will build could jump start our economy, boost our nation, create jobs and make us a contender on world markets  in the Energy sector.  We don’t need you Obama, we will find another way to go around you & your Activists with Falsified CO2 climate change scams.

Is Premier Brad Wall proposal the next step for Canada? Should we or could we block out the south? Can we Deny & stop buying the Saudi oil stocks?

I would like to see our efforts put back into Canadian led Energy.  Take my analogy of how the US pits us against each other in the growth of our Canadian energy market.  It’s like two Canadian hockey teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs; the way the playoffs always breaks down it has a Canadian team vs Canadian team; so we knock each other out and the US have a better chance at winning the Stanley Cup.  Let’s put our heads together and start winning our own Cups, and let’s introduce Canadian Energy to the world market.  I’m listening, it’s your turn to tell us what you think we should do?

Nicco Keith-Charles Harper

Should they stay or should they go now?

Weighing in on the CF-18’s role in the Middle East.

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This is getting confusing; Besides the song “should I stay or should I go” by The Clash; keeps playing in my head when I hear this topic of discussion.   I can just imagine the amount of “Change parades” the Canadian Airforce pilots are having to do right now because of the political back forth the Liberal government keeps swaying the pendulum on a controversial subject as this.  My thought is that they made the statement to remove the jets hastily and NOW don’t want to break yet another promise to the Canadian people.   But in light of recent events(like Paris, Lebanon), there is a lot of pressure to commit to the fight on ISIS with several Allies ramping up their commitments to the cause.  Can we make a decision?  Have we even got a real answer as to why the jets have to leave?

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Our  Defence Minister Hon. Harjit Sajjan is in Iraq this week speaking with officials and getting crucial information necessary to make a long and winded decision that we thought was already made back in October 2015. I hope he is asking hard questions because Canadian want answers.  Now, the Liberal Government has retracted its position on removing the CF-18 jets right away and the Defence Minister has even pushed the stay of our Boys in the air for a minimum of six months.  This also contradicts a second statement our Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion stated the Jets would be coming home by March 2016.

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But I am concerned about another comment our Defence Minister stated the other day which seems to be kinda “swept under the CBC rug”.  On Power & Politics show on 18 December, 2015, they asked a great question to the Canadian Government: Should the Liberal Government rethink their position on pulling out the jets from Iraq?.  I will give a little background before I tell you what’s really troubling me.  In Afghanistan(where I was deployed and served 2 tours of combat) we never had Canadian Air support.  The tours I operated on all had front line FOB’s(forward operating bases) which were occupied by Canadian Infantrymen on the ground, we also had training detachment which helped train the indigenous ANA(Afghan National Army).  I can recall several of my brothers in arms in training roles being encountered, blown up, attacked, injured and killed just from being a training force in a war torn country.  My concern lies with this statement the Defence Minister himself told a reporter “I wish we had Canadian Air support in Afghanistan when I was there…”. I was there and I agree with the Defence Minister on this whole heartedly.  My question to Canadians, my military colleagues; and the Liberal Government is:  If we cancel our jets; we will just lost more air support.  With our Spec-ops team training Kurdish forces; won’t this just be like Afghanistan again if we bring in a training task force?

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ISIS conducted several ambush like attacks on several fronts in Northern Iraq, all of which started with planned coordinated suicide bombing attacks. One of these attacks of 500 insurgents attacked a Training task force base that the Canadian troops were occupying.  Our Canadian Special Forces returned fire last week and our very own Canadian Jets flew into aid our troops in contact to fend off and destroy the enemy; leaving Canadians with  zero injured; but the ISIS insurgents were not so lucky with several killed in action.

If we transition our role into a training task force, will this just not leave our Men & women at arms defenceless; without Air support?  Are we really setting up our troops for success?  These terrorists in these countries have thrived on killing, beheading and suicide attacks as an everyday normal occurrence for years.  We must give our troops every opportunity to survive; and a fighting chance to come back home safely.  I have been there, and I say leave the jets. But I will just “Hurry up and wait” just like the rest of Canada to see what the outcome will be.

What do you want to see happen?

Nicco Keith-Charles Harper

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Transparency & the price of being Canadian…

The Refugees are here!!

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As an advocate of sourcing information I found someone who was good at math and knew where to find cool  money breakdowns.  I wanted to make a point from a recent BookFace (FB) post that describes how much it will cost each Canadian to bring just 25,000 refugees to Canada. The report came out with the results that it will cost $6 a year to house the 25,000 refugees from every Canadian.  Obviously a comment above that was made by a fellow Canadian.  Shows he is a little heated to find out how much it’s going to cost just to make the Syrian people feel comfortable at a tax payer’s expense for the first 3 months.

Here is the link to support the info below.  It still paints a very sad picture for those not getting enough support here at home; but it does show a start in a humanitarian aspect for Canada to give back to the world.  Syrian refugee Breakdown over the next few years

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I think this is great news, $6!!! Finally a number we can all agree on that doesn’t have the number of million, or billion attached to it.  I’m happy that they are here, truly.  I have travelled the world and lived in different continents over the years.  The one idealogical relieving aspect I find great about Canada is the sense of belonging.

Now, although we are trying to inspire a new Conservative way; we still have a duty to hold Liberals and the opposition to account.  Spending over $80 million dollars just because the Liberals and the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a promise. Which now has been coined the strategic sell on word “the GOAL” to bring Syrian Refugees here as fast as possible.  Syrian refugees are being put up in a hotel because the Liberals don’t have places to relocate them.  This totally suggests that this whole process is being rushed still.  Which also dawns the question; how were you even going to get all 25,000 refugees here by the end of 2015?

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We are truly Canadian though; I took a look at the comments made by Canadians to see what they thought of this and it was astounding to see that over 9000 Canadians and still counting were saying words like “proud to be Canadian”; “great to see Canada come out on top of this humanitarian..”; you even had immigrants to Canada chiming in.  But let’s not forget that Liberals broke another promise(sorry “A GOAL”) in getting 25,000 refugees here by the end of 2015 and rightly so; Canadians voiced their concerned and the Liberals listened.  It was for the betterment and safety of our country to do it.  The price tag on this operation however,  has just gone up significantly on poor management skills alone.  I see other hot topics, like our CF-18 jets, the combat on ISIS; the PM’s selfies, Donald Trump have all made the headlines; but we are overlooking this topic on the refugees because its an expense that our lovely warm hearted Canadians can accept.  We are at least making a huge contribution to the world and a group that is in need.

cropped-con.pngScreen Shot 2015-12-19 at 3.10.16 PM    Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 3.09.47 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-19 at 3.11.58 PM

Which leads me to my next point; I was reminded in  a conversation I had by one of my brothers in arms this week, Dale. His heart also bleeds blue; and by that I mean we are Conservative by definition of Loyalty.   Dale’s comment to me was that it is the Christmas season and “WE” shouldn’t be too negative all the time.   My buddy’s tone resonated with me; it reminded me of what direction I want to see this Conservative party’s direction take for the future; and from Ezra Levant from the news source The Rebel.   How will I help Rebuild the Right; certainly we have seen a shift in tone delivered by Hon. Rona Ambrose in the House of Commons just a couple weeks ago.  I have been preparing and will continue to excel; heck even beginning this blog I am becoming an political philanthropist to help make the Right, right again!     I will simply continue doing what I do best everyday at my work as a General Manager in the hospitality field and continue to grow as political Conservative.  I inspire my partners and people around me to grow; I commit to empowering them to make decisions; and to deliver world class service while making genuine and authentic connections.  So to Dale’s comment to me, I applaud the Liberals on a well deserved kudos for bringing Canada back to the world stage.  But I will go beyond the scope of that to say that mostly this applause and kudos goes out to all Canadians that have been welcoming, supportive and caring of this great humanitarian aid.  At a time, where people of the world needed it most.  To the Syrian refugees (now fellow Canadians) I say this: “I place my $6 donation in the tip jar and wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I hope that you all make the most of this gift and look forward to connecting with you in the near future.”


Nicco Keith-Charles Harper      Keeping it modern

“As bad as it’s getting; Toronto just got Beer in grocery stores today.”

Brent Crude goes below $35 dollar a barrel this week, but Gas prices are going….up?    In a recent BMO report it suggested that if time and years have shown us; Gas should be at $0.80 right now which is usually in line with Brent crude oil.  Instead Gas prices are actually going up $0.02 in Ontario as the price of crude goes down.  This is due to the US dollar actually gaining ground and plummeting the already defeated CDN dollar to go down even more.  I hope you didn’t plan on travelling anytime soon, because if you did; everything just started to cost you twice as much.  Anyone know of a destination place like Cuba 4 years ago?

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And then this happened…

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The Canadian Press and CTV news show the Minister of Finance Bill Morneau delivering  another staggering surprise sharing Liberals forecasted annual budget(which just last week I predicted around $20 billion…Yep!)  I was wrong.  It’s now a Whopping $25 billion.  But the House passed on the vote to move forward with giving the Middle class a tax break and then Liberals announced another awesome piece of transparency that it will only cost Canada $1 billion dollars in revenue.  When will this charade end?  The article went on further to tell us that we will be looking at $125 billion deficit after four years.

But in a positive spirited manner to lighten the mood, Ontario grocery stores is selling BEER now.  YEAH!!!

beer in grocery stores

Nicco Keith-Charles Harper


If $10 billion wasn’t the real Number in one year; how big will the deficit number be in 4 years time?


Already we see a recurring theme; broken promises made during the campaign by the Liberals.  I hear all the supporters of the Trudeau Beliebers fans going crazy over how amazing he looks and give them a chance because they just got into power but lets be honest with ourselves.   Did we really expect that a 10 Billion deficit was a real number?  Heck no. We all new that Guy must be joking!  But still Trudeau and his Liberals insisted during his campaign that it would be 10 Billion in the first year.  Now the Liberals are forecasting about 13 Billion; no wait 14 Billion; ok what the hell let’s just round up to 20 Billion the first year and put all our faith in hope to balance the budget by 2019!!

So what will the real number be in 4 years time when we go to the polls again?  We have already seen a Provincial Liberal caucus run Ontario deficit to 300 billion in 10 years which is the largest deficit just for a province; now they are in charge of the country.  

I think Canadians are missing a valuable point here and it probably relates to simple banking.  Let me break it down for you based on the 2013-2014 fiscal financial report that came out. Just to give you an idea of what the Liberals are planning to do.  Canada’s economy in 2013-14 made approximately $1.9 trillion dollars.  Take 15% from that and your left with $276.8 billion from taxes.  Thats your spending budget roughly.  Let’s use this number for our scenario as a point to address what the Government gets to spend each year.  Nowthe Liberals have said they are going to spend all of that $276.8 billion dollars; and now add 10 billion in deficit because that is what they promised to spend next year.  The only hope we have left is that Liberals hope to balance the budget by 2019.

Well my fellow Canadians “Hope don’t float”; the fact is we are still going into debt; we are still increasing our deficit and in 4 years time for the Liberals to balance a budget will sing budget cuts; again. When will this way of Governing change?

Nicco Keith-Charles Harper
“The future is now; not tomorrow”

“It’s 2015!!” House of commons of Canada


What will Canada look like in 1 year; 2 years or even 3 years form now?  One thing is for sure;  it will be different.  For better or for worse.  Between the Fiberals…oops I mean Liberals and NDP playing footsies at the House of Commons by playing who has the better Headliners this week up on Parliament Hill this December 2015.  One thing is for sure, we as Canadians still do not have a clue where we are going to pay for all these changes if we are giving Middle Class Canadians tax breaks, refugees, Climate control and in so on…

I watched the House of Commons of Canada debate on December 8th, 2015 over the Throne speech our Hon. PM Justin Trudeau gave on December 7th 2015.  Conservative Leader of the opposition Hon. Rona Ambrose came out swinging; but that did not stop the Liberals from swinging right back. Ambrose posed great questions through her debate and raised much concerns that were still pushed through our Conservative 2015 campaign.   When Hon. PM Justin Trudeau stood up and discussed his platform one thing really stood out to me about climate change and what Canada has committed to contribute to other countries on this matter.

In May 2015, a climate change report came out from NASA ( ) at Forbes magazine and another link by NASA here stating the Ice in the Arctic circles are not Melting; in fact the Ice is Gaining MASS. ( )

How then,  is it Canada’s position; when our Country only contributes less than 1% of Greenhouse gases.  How is it that the Liberals just dedicated $2.65 Billion dollars to Other Countries to support them in better climate control.  Should we not take care of the rest of Canada first?  Should we not invest that $2.65 Billion into our economy and help literally the thousands of Canadians homeless, jobless, and limitless this christmas.  Shouldn’t we find a way to increase our below $0.70  CDN dollar and help boost our homeland economy?

If you think about how we just sold HydroOne shares publicly, and the Wynne Liberal Provincial government of Ontario couldn’t do proper math saying that they were going to get $4 Billion in funds from this sell. But the math was wrong and Ontario only ended getting a sum close to $1.75 Billion.  I can do the math for you; we are still missing out on a projected $2.25 Billion.  Guess what; we just gave $2.65 Billion to other countries around the world and got nothing in return but pride in hopes this helps climate change.

If I may suggest one thing to the Liberal caucus of Canada; let’s clean up our own backyard first.  Help Canadians first; help drag our economy back from out of the gutter before we go play in someone else’s.

Nicco KC Harper


Mount Erebus, Antarctica

The future starts now; Not tomorrow!

My first post is scheduled to launch in just less than 7 hours.

I hope you take the time to share; comment and follow me on my journey to transition towards a campaign for a MP election in the future for this great Country.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing pieces of my life with all of you.

Nicco Keith-Charles Harper